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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 65.jpg

CONUS Augur.

Girdled Cone.

Generic Character.

Testa univalvis, turbinata, s. inversè conica, convoluta; apertura longitudinalis, angustata, edentata; basi effusa; spira brevissima.

Typus Genericus Conus marmoratus, &c. Linn.

Shell univalve, turbinated, inversely conic, convolute; aperture longitudinal, narrow, not toothed; base effuse; spire very short.

Generic Type Conus marmoratus, &c.

Specific Character.

C. testâ glabrâ, fulvo-albidâ, fasciis latis nigro-castaneis, lineisque transversis punctatis; spirâ obtusâ, convexâ, striatâ, depressâ.
Shell smooth, fulvous-white, with broad dark chesnut bands and transverse lines of dots; spire obtuse, convex, striated, depressed.
C. augur. Lamarck Annal. Mus. xv. 277. Encycl. Méth. 333. 6.
Conus magus. Gmelin 3392. 57. Martini ii. 58. 641.

The Girdled Cone is conspicuous among the beautiful shells of this extensive family, by the broad and rich chesnut bands, which are either two or three in number, and more or less broken into spots; in high-coloured shells the minute lines of dots between them are also of the same colour. It is not a common species, and inhabits the Asiatic ocean.

This is the Conus Magus of Gmelin and Martini, and of our sale catalogues: this error has originated from Gmelin having described two distinct shells, C. Augur and C. Magus, under the latter name.

I have not referred to Lister's figure 755. 7, being doubtful of its affinity; and those of Martini and Bruguieres are very bad.