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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 112.jpg

CONUS carinatus,

Carinated Cone.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 65.

Specific Character.

C. testâ sub-cylindraceâ, carinatâ, fulvâ; spiræ depressæ, concavæ, maculatæ, apice acuto, anfractibus valdè concavis, striis numerosis subgranosis insculptis; basi obtusâ, striatâ, cingulo gibbo circumdatâ.
Shell nearly cylindrical, carinated, fulvous; spire depressed, concave, spotted, tip acute, the whorls very concave, with numerous subgranulated striæ; base obtuse, striated, with a gibbous belt.

Another rare and remarkable shell of this numerous genus, from the same collection as the Cone last described. I believe it to be hitherto unfigured, and unknown to any writer; for I cannot reconcile it with any of Lamarck's descriptions of species not yet represented.

I know of no other specimen than the very fine one in Mr. Dubois' cabinet. The shell is heavy; the body whorl contracted at the upper part, where the margin is sharply carinated; the spire much depressed and concave; each volution is also concave, and has from three to four fine grooves, which occupy its full extent, and which appear minutely granulated; but this is only caused by the longitudinal lines of growth: the tip of the spire acute; the base is wider in circumference than usual, with a gibbous belt marked by elevated striæ, in other respects the shell is smooth; the base of the aperture is effuse, the bands on the body whorl pale and not well defined, and the spire slightly spotted. It is doubtless an inhabitant of the Asiatic ocean.