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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 70.jpg

CONUS terebra,

Screw Cone.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 65.

Specific Character.

C. cylindraceo-elongatus, albidus, striis transversis elevatis, fasciisque binis flavescentibus, spirâ crassâ obtusâ. Lam.
Cylindric elongated; whitish, with two yellowish bands, and transverse elevated striæ; spire thick, obtuse.
Conus Terebellum. Gmelin, p. 3390. 44. (omitting the varieties). Martini 2. tab. 52. fig. 577. Seba, 42. fig. 13. (uncoated). Ency. Meth. 339. fig. 1.
Conus Terebra. Lamarck. Annal. du Mus. vol. xv. p. 427. no. 144. Var. A, without bands.
Ency. Methodique, 339. fig. 2.

Though this is not an uncommon Shell, it is rarely seen so large as that now represented from the cabinet of Mrs. Bolton of Storrs. Of this extensive genus Lamarck has written a valuable account in the Annals of the French Museum, where he has rightly pointed out the mistake of Gmelin in placing as varieties of this species, one or two other very distinct shells: the colour of the bands is not always certain, for I have seen specimens in which they were of a dark brown; but the very thick spire, and slender form of the body whirl, with the distant, regular, and greatly elevated striæ, render it a species not easily mistaken, though in general form it comes very near to C. nussatella, and two or three others; the spiral volutions are deeply concave, and the tip and base tinged with violet.

It is a native of the Indian seas.