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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 84.jpg

ACHATINA emarginata,

Notched Achatina.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 30.

Specific Character.

A. (div. 2.) testâ productâ, sub-flavâ, fasciis viridibus flavisque ornatâ; aperturâ ovato-rotundatâ, albâ; labio exteriore medio inciso; basi emarginatâ.
Ach. (div. 2.) Shell elongated, cream colour, with green and yellow bands; aperture ovately rounded, white; outer lip notched in the middle; base emarginate.

A new and very delicate species, which may have been overlooked as a variety of A. virginea, from which it differs in the comparative length of the basal whorl, which in that is remarkably short, in being a much more elongated shell, in the mouth being oval, but above all, in having a conspicuous notch in the middle of the outer lip, where the green band commences; the aperture (excepting the inner lip) is pure white. It is in Mr. Dubois' possession, and its country unknown.

ACHATINA vittata,

Ribbon Achatina—middle figures.

A. (div. 2.) testâ ovato-oblongâ, crassâ, albente, vittis nigris fuscisque angustis ornatâ; apertura ovatâ, sub-contractâ; columellâ tantùm non rectâ; basi subtruncatâ.
A. (div. 2.) Shell ovate-elongated, thickened, fulvous white, with narrow black and brown bands; aperture oval, slightly contracted; pillar nearly straight; base sub-truncated.
Gualtieri, tab. 6. fig. A.

Although unnamed, this shell is obviously the same as that figured by Gualtieri, who also describes it very tolerably. This figure, however, is quoted by Gmelin and others for A. virginea; from which shell it is quite distinct: it is a thickly formed shell, the base slightly truncated, and the aperture very narrow, and reddish brown; the outer lip within is thickened. From the same collection as the last.