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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 123.jpg

ACHATINA virginea, var. 3 and 4.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 30.

Specific Character.—See Pl. 122.

A. virginea, var. 3. testâ ampliore, albescente, fasciis rufis nigrisque ornatâ; aperturâ purpureâ; labio interiore albo.
Var. 4. testâ ampliore, albâ, fasciis 3 angustis, fuscis ornatâ; aperturâ labioque interiore albis; anfractu basali medio subcarinato.
A. virginea, var. 3. Shell larger, whitish, with rufous and black bands, aperture purple; inner lip white. Middle figures.
Var. 4. Shell larger, white, with three narrow brown bands; aperture and inner lip white; basal whorl in the middle slightly carinated. Upper and lower figures.

The two varieties of A. virginea on this plate, are still more removed from the type of the species than those last figured; they are both much larger in size, and var. 4 presents a slight difference of formation, in having the basal volution somewhat carinated round the middle; but as in every other essential character it agrees with the rest, I have refrained from separating it as a distinct species.

The four varieties I have now illustrated of Ach. virginea, tend to establish, in a very complete manner, the correctness of the principles on which I have framed the specific characters of this genus; here are four shells, with a total difference in the colouring of each, yet all agreeing in the same formation. It should be observed likewise, that A. pallida, figured at pl. 41 of this work, and A. virginea, var. 4, are nearly the same in colour, while in formation they are completely at variance. I do not think it has been hitherto remarked, that the elegant green lines which ornament the common variety, are only external; they resemble, in this respect, the epidermis of other shells, for they may be taken off by a knife without any injury to the enamel. M. Ferrusac has figured several other varieties in his beautiful work on Land Shells.