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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 143.jpg


Brown Apple Snail f. 1. 2.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 103.

Specific Character.

A. testâ globosâ, ferrugineâ, lineis transversis subcarinatis instructâ aperturæ margine tenui; umbilico magno; operculo corneo?
Shell globose, ferruginous, with obsolete transverse subcarinated lines; margin of the aperture thin; umbilicus large; operculum horny?

The only species of Ampullaria with which this may be confounded is A. fasciata, p. 103, in comparison with which it is a more globose shell, the aperture narrower, and the spire more obtuse; the umbilicus is larger, round, and not contracted; the suture is not sunk, the shell is not banded with coloured lines, nor is the surface smooth; on the contrary, it is marked with transverse, obscurely carinated lines; while the shell is uniform brown, the aperture within is white, margined with brown.

AMPULLARIA puncticulata

Oval, punctured Apple Snail

A. testâ ovatâ, subtilissimè punctatâ; spirâ obtusâ; labii exterioris margine, interiorisque basi rufis, incrassatis; operculo corneo?
Shell oval, minutely punctured, spire obtuse; margin of the exterior lip within, and base of the inner lip thick and rufous; operculum horny?

This and A. oblonga are the only species I am yet acquainted with, whose form is not globose. It never grows to a size much larger than the figure; the whole shell is marked by fine longitudinal striæ, and transverse lines of minute dots, discernible only by the aid of a common magnifier; the aperture within is brownish flesh-colour; the margin is strong and reddish, and, within that of the outer lip, is a thickened rim; which, should the operculum be testaceous, may supply the place of the groove for its reception observable in A. globosa and corrugata. The localities of both these species are unknown to me.