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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 145.jpg

EBURNA tessellata,

Tessellated Eburna.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 144.

Specific Character.

E. testâ maculis fuscis seu purpureis tessellatis fasciatâ; suturâ vix canaliculatâ; anfractuum marginibus convexis.
Shell with bands of tessellated brown or purple spots; suture slightly channelled; margin of the volutions convex.
Buccinum Spiratum. var. Linn. Gmelin, 3487. Dill. 620. Brug. p. 262. 26. Turton, 4. p. 400. var. 2.
Lister, 981. 41. (bad.) Seba, t. 73. f. 25. 26. Martini, 4. pl. 122. 1120. 1121.
E. Arcolata, Lam. Syst. 7. p. 282. 4.

A shell hitherto placed as a variety of E. spirata, (Buccinum spiratum, Lin.) but from which I am disposed to consider it as specifically distinct. The channel or sulcation round the suture of each whorl is very slight, and the adjoining margin obtuse and convex; whereas in E. spirata the channel is broad and deep, having the margin sharply carinated: so far the essential characters of the two shells are at variance; but their difference in colour is so obvious that no one can mistake them.

The form of the umbilicus in this species appears to be constant: it is wide, deep, placed near to the upper angle of the aperture, and margined externally by a convex belt. With the exception of Seba's figures, (which, through the carelessness of the engraver, are reversed,) not a tolerable representation of this shell can be found; for those given by the authors above named, are almost too inaccurate for citation. It inhabits the Indian Ocean.