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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 166.jpg

BULIMUS citrinus, (var.)

Citron Bulimus, (3 varieties.)

Generic Character.—See Pl. 4.

Specific Character.—See Pl. 46.


A. Yellow, with black lines. Zool. Ill. pl. 46.
B. Yellow, with black lines and chesnut stripes. Zool. Ill. p. 47.
C. Yellow, variegated with green; inner lip obsolete. Fig. 1. B. virescens. Sw. Bligh Cat. p. 13.
D. Green, striped with yellow; inner lip white. Fig. 2. 3.
E. Orange, with flame-coloured waved stripes. Fig. 4.
F. Pale yellow, with brown waved stripes.
Lam. Syst. 6. 2. p. 178. 5.

The beautiful shells here selected as a further illustration of the Citron Bulimus not only show the great variability of the species, but clearly prove that B. virescens is, as I suspected, only a variety of B. citrinus. In the shell at fig. 1. the upper part of the inner lip (like that described in the Bligh Appendix), is entirely wanting; although it bears, in every other respect, the appearance of a full-grown shell; the umbilicus likewise is open; but in the shell at fig. 2. and 3. the inner lip is quite perfect, and consequently folds over the umbilicus; thus the connexion between the green and yellow varieties is completely established.

I have subjoined a slight arrangement of the principal varieties; and have only further to observe, that the specific character I first proposed, appears to me the only one by which this species may be truly distinguished.

Since the description of B. aureus at pl. 47 was written, I have seen several other specimens; all of which tend to confirm my belief that it is distinct from B. citrinus.