The Works of Aristotle

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The Works of Aristotle
W. D. Ross and J. A. Smith
The Works of Aristotle is a collection of the English translations of Aristotle.

In Volume 6, W. D. R notes that J. A. S. has changed role from joint editor to general advisor (Feb. 1913).

The new material: "introd., pref. & compilation." in Aristotle Selections, published by Charles Scribner's in 1958, is still covered by Renewal RE312763.

Volumes of the Works of Aristotle
Vol. Published Contents OCLC
1[1] 1928 The Organon
OCLC 59412930all editions
2[2] 1930 Physics OCLC 59314294all editions
3[3][4] 1931; (1908 PN) Physics, cont.
OCLC 59707246all editions
OCLC 30642049all editions
4[5][6][7] 1910 Physics, cont. OCLC 59707249all editions
5[8][9] 1912 Physics, cont. OCLC 59707251all editions
6[10][11][12] 1913 Physics, cont.
OCLC 59707271all editions
7[13][14] 1927 Physics, cont. OCLC 59707254all editions
8[15] 1908 (2nd ed., 1928) Metaphysics (Metaphysica), translated by W. D. Ross (1877–1971) OCLC 1004092all editions
9[16][17] 1915 (MM, EE, VV); 1925 (NE) Ethics and Politics OCLC 78242488all editions
OCLC 16244437all editions
OCLC 38708682all editions
10[18][19][20] 1921 Ethics and Politics, cont. OCLC 59707257all editions
11[21][22][23] 1924; Poetics w/o notes, 1909. Aesthetics OCLC 59394881all editions
12[24][25][26] 1952 Select Fragments, by W. D. Ross (1877–1971)


  • Gryllus, or On Rhetoric
  • Symposium
  • Sophistes
  • Eudemus, or On Soul
  • Nerinthus
  • Eroticus
  • Protrepticus
  • On Wealth
  • On Prayer
  • On Good Birth
  • On Pleasure
  • On Education
  • On Kingship
  • Alexander
  • Politicus
  • On Poets
  • On Philosophy
  • On Justice

Logical Works

  • On Problems
  • Divisions
  • Dissertations
  • Categories
  • On Contraries

Philosophical Works

  • On the Good
  • On Ideas
  • On the Pythagoreans
  • On the Philosophy of Archytas
  • On Democritus
OCLC 24784079all editions

Works marked ** are widely considered spurious.
Works marked * are disputed.

  • While the "Athenian Constitution" is not considered to be written by Aristotle, it is considered to be closely associated with his school.