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The Spencer Supporting Corset  The Spencer Supporting Corset

The Spencer Supporting Corset

A real style corset, with a special abdominal support underneath. yet adjustable from the outside without opening the corset. Recom­mended by physicians for support after opera­tions, hernia, maternity, ptosis, and to correct faulty posture.

Insert at left—Profile view of Spencer Sup­porting Corset open. Notice how the inner supporting section snugly lifts and supports abdomen. Supporting section weighs only 2½ ounces.






unattractiv, unhealthy

type) or rounded shoulders and relaxed abdominal muscles (see illustration of fatigue type) causing ptosis. Ptosis, with its sagging stomach and flabby mus­cles, always creates a general air of un­attractiveness and is a forerunner of serious defects in health.

Almost without exception, these condi­ tions can be corrected by proper indi­ vidual corseting. Proper corseting means a corset in which every seam, every line, every curve, every stay is skilfully planned to give your figure perfect lines and you perfect conf ort,

Each Spencer garment is individually designed for the person who is to wear it —and for her alone.