"Style is a greater Social Asset than Beauty"/12-13

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"Because of the placement of their pel­vic organs, women suffer much more fre­quently from bad posture than men do. The development of the abdominal mus­cles is of priceless importance to them.

"Among numerous other things, a re­laxed abdomen generally means that a good deal of the blood that ought to be coursing through the body, revitalizing the tissues and washing out the toxins of fatigue, carrying warmth to the extremi­ties, etc., is lying sluggishly in the large abdominal vessels. "

Before thirty, women can neglect them­selves without apparent ill effects, but just as surely as they do, after thirty they pay the piper.

To the modern girl and woman, appear­ ance and health in social and business life are of greater meaning than ever before.

As girls grow into womanhood, head­aches, backaches and a good many ills commonly found among women appear.

These ills are enemies to good style— they are either caused by, or are accom­ panied by, faulty posture.

Think of the women you know. Notice how many of these have a " sway-back " tendency (see illustration of lordosis

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