"Style is a greater Social Asset than Beauty"/10-11

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But time tells, and my records here will prove interesting.

"I find that up to thirty years of age, the abdomen averages about four inches smaller than the chest. About this time the ratio begins to change, and at 40 I am apt to find that the abdominal meas­urement is larger than the chest: Now bear this important fact in mind; it is not that there is more fat there than before, but that the organs of the chest and abdo­men have sagged, due to the relaxation of the tone of the abdominal muscles.

"The reason, granted that there is no definite organic disease taking place, is plain. This sagging of the vital organs has resulted in a, greater or less disordered functioning, with good health clearly an impossibility. Correct this (still assum­ing that the postural defect is the only one with which this individual has to con­tend) and good health returns just as naturally as light comes into a room when you pull up the curtains.

"A wrong poise of the body, besides be­ing the cause of many of life's little ail­ments, is frequently the cause of organic disease.


The Spencer Girdle

The Spencer Girdle

Comfortable in the extreme—non-stretchable fabric with diagonal strips of knitted elastic make the girdle a marvel of lightness and ease.