"Style is a greater Social Asset than Beauty"/8-9

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typical women

Fig. 1

typical women

Fig. 3


Fig. 4


Fig. 2


The X-ray photograph on the left (fig. 3) was taken of a young girl who never dreamed she needed any support for her slen­der figure. She often complained of headaches, backaches, etc., but thought they were some­thing all women had to have at times. With her stomach 3 inches below the top of the hip bones, and all the other organs thus crowded out of place, is it any

wonder her digestion was poor and her health suffered?

When she put on a Spencer Corset, its comfortable support actually raised her stomach (the large black mass) practically in­to its natural position (fig. 4.) As a result her digestion im­proved, her headaches disap­peared and the natural healthy color returned to her cheeks.

(Study the actual photographs closely)

The girl or woman with a lithe, slender figure naturally thinks that her posture is all right but the chances are that she is carrying her body incorrectly. The slender woman requires skilled corsetry just as much as her heavier sister.

The young woman shown in figures 1 and 2 is typical of millions of women in this country today. Notice in figure 1 how the abdomen has begun to sag—the


deep curve at the small of the back, giv­ing a poor back line, and spoiling an other­wise attractive figure.

When a Spencer was put on (figure 2) her abdomen was supported, her back line smoothed out, allowing her figure to ex­press her own personality in the latest style. Now she can wear the lightest gowns, confident that her figure will do them no injustice.