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6Akuta 阿骨打. A.D. 1069–1123. Son of 楊割 Yang-ko, a chieftain of the China Tartars under the Liao dynasty. The father was already preparing for revolt when he died, A.D. 1100. In 1114 Akuta threw off his allegiance, and his immediate success emboldened him to demand from the House of Liao recognition as first Emperor of the China dynasty. He also entered into diplomatic relations with the House of Sung, and adopted the Chinese government system. Four years later the Liao Emperor fled (see Yeh-lü Yen-hsi), and Peking was taken. The family name was 完顔 Wan-yen, said to be a corruption of the Chinese 王 wang prince. Akuta changed his own name to 旻 Min. Canonised as 太祖.