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ALBANI, Mathias, a renowned violin-maker, born 1621, at Botzen, was one of Stainer's best pupils. The tone of his violins, which are generally very high in the belly, and have a dark red, almost brown, varnish, is more remarkable for power than for quality. He died at Botzen in 1673. His son, also named Mathias, was at first a pupil of his father, afterwards of the Amatis at Cremona, and finally settled at Rome. His best violins, which by some connoisseurs are considered hardly inferior to those of the Amatis, are dated at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. A third Albani, whose Christian name is not known, and who lived during the 17th century at Palermo, also made good violins, which resemble those of the old German makers.

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