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ANDREOLI. A musical family, not related to the foregoing. Evangelista, the father born 1810, died June 16, 75 was organist and teacher at Mirandola in Modena. His son, Guglieglmo, was born there April 22, 1835, and was pupil at the Conservatorio of Milan from 1847 to 53. A pianist of great distinction, remarkable for his soft and delicate touch, pure taste, and power of expression, as well as for great execution. He was well known in London, where he appeared at the Crystal Palace (Dec. 13, 56), the Musical Union (April 27, 58), the New Philharmonic (May 9, 59), and elsewhere. His health was never strong, and he died at Nice 1860 [App. p.523 "Mar 13"]. His compositions were unimportant. His brother Carlo was also born at Mirandola, and brought up at the Conservatorio of Milan, where he is now (1875) professor of the piano. He too was favourably known in London, though since 1871 his health has confined him to Italy and the south of France.

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