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AUGENER. The music-publishing business of Augener & Co. was founded at 86 Newgate Street, London, in 1855. Later on branch warehouses were established at 1 Foubert Place, 22 Golden Square, and 81 The Quadrant, Regent Street. By a recent change of partnership (26 February, 1887) the warehouse in the Quadrant has been transferred to Mr. Wesley S. B. Woolhouse, the general business with this exception remaining Mr. George Augener's.

Augener & Co.'s Catalogue contains upwards of 6000 works, of which nearly 1000 are cheap volumes; among these is a comprehensive collection of pianoforte classics edited by Professor Ernst Pauer, as well as an important series of educational works edited by him, by Mr. John Farmer, and other well-known musicians.

In the last ten years Augener & Co. have introduced the works of some of the most important composers of the Neo-German School, including Xaver Scharwenka, Jean L. Nicodé, and Moszkowski. They have a large and varied stock of music, and the sole agency for this country of the famous Peters Edition published at Leipzig. The 'Monthly Musical Becord' is published by this firm, and has among its contributors prominent names in English musical literature. Its circulation is about 6000. [See Musical Periodicals, vol. ii. 428 b.]

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