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CAVALLINI, Ernesto, a great clarinet player, born at Milan Aug. 30, 1807. He was taught in the Milan Conservatorio, and after an engagement at Venice and considerable travelling he returned to his native city, first as player in the Scala orchestra and then as professor in the Conservatorio. In 1852 he accepted a post at St. Petersburg, which he filled for fifteen years, after which he returned to Milan in 1870, and died there Jan. 7, 1873. In 1842 he was elected member of the Paris Académie des Beaux Arts. Cavallini travelled much and was well known in Paris, London and Brussels. He played a concerto of his own at the Philharmonic Concert, June 23, 1845. Fétis describes his volubility and technique as prodigious, and his breath as inexhaustible; his intonation was also very good, though his instrument was only the old six-keyed clarinet. To this Mr. Lazarus adds that his music is very difficult, his studies and duets excellent; and although his tone was not of the purest, he might well be called the Paganini of the clarinet for his wonderful execution. Lists of his works are given by Fétis, and by Pougin in the Supplement thereto.

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