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DAVIDOFF, Charles, eminent cello-player, born at Goldingen in Courland March 15, 1838, received his first musical instruction from H. Schmitt at Moscow. His bent was to mathematics, which he studied in the Moscow university from 1854 to 58, but at length decided to embrace music as his profession, and then learned the cello under C. Schuberth at St. Petersburg, and composition under Hauptmann at Leipzig. His first appearance in public was at the Gewandhaus Dec. 15, 59, after which he at once became leading cello in that orchestra and Professor at the Conservatoire, vice Grützmacher. In 1862 he was appointed solo cello to the Emperor of Russia, and professor at the new music school and Conservatoire of St. Petersburg. Davidoff made his first appearance in London at the Philharmonic on May 19, 1862, in a concerto of his own. His position among cello-players is high. His tone is expressive, his intonation certain, especially in the higher registers, and his execution extraordinary, and there is great individuality in his style. He has composed much both for the cello and piano. [App. p.819 "Date of death, Feb. 26, 1889."]