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FARRENC, Aristide, born at Marseilles April 9, 1794, died in Paris Feb. 12, 1869 [App. p.633 "Jan. 31, 1865"], composed some pieces for the flute, but is best known as a writer on music. He took an important part in the 2nd edition of Fétis's 'Biographie universelle,' and wrote the biographical notices in Madame Farrenc's 'Trésor des Pianistes.' He also contributed critiques to 'La France musicale,' and 'La Revue de Musique ancienne et moderne' (Rennes 1858). Some of his valuable notes and unpublished articles are among the MSS. in the library of the Paris Conservatoire.

His wife Louise—born in Paris May 31, 1804; died there Sept. 15 1875—was a sister of the sculptor Auguste Dumont, and aunt of Ernest Reyer. She studied under Reicha, and at an early age could compose both for the orchestra and piano. She married in 1821, and made several professional tours in France with her husband, both performing in public with great success. Madame Farrenc was not only a clever woman, but an able and conscientious teacher, as is shown by the many excellent female pupils she trained during the thirty years she was professor of the piano at the Conservatoire (Nov. 1842–Jan. 1873). Besides some remarkable études, sonatas, and pieces for the pianoforte, she composed sonatas for piano and violin or cello, trios, two quintets, a sestet, and a nonet, for which works she obtained in 1869 the prize of the Académie des Beaux Arts for chamber-music. She also wrote two symphonies and three overtures for full orchestra, and several of her more important compositions have been performed at the Conservatoire concerts. More than by all these however her name will be perpetuated by the 'Trésor des Pianistes,' a real anthology of music, containing chefs-d'œuvre of all the classical masters of the clavecin and pianoforte from the 16th century down to Weber and Chopin, as well as more modern works of the highest value. [Trésor des Pianistes.]

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