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FOURNIER, Pierre Simon, engraver and type-founder, born in Paris Sept. 15, 1712, died there Oct. 8, 1768. He greatly improved the engraving of music in France, which up to his day was still effected by punches on the model of those cut by Hautin in 1525. He replaced the lozenge-shaped notes by round ones, and made music altogether easier to read, although his notes were still thin and poor compared to those of later tunes. He published 'Essai d'un nouveau caractéres de fonte pour l'impression de la musique, etc.' (Paris 1756), and a 'Traité historique et critique sur l'origine et les progrés des caractéres de fonte pour l'impression de la musique' (Paris 1765), which, though incomplete and occasionally incorrect, contains interesting information on music printing in France. Giacomo Falconi of Venice seems to have attained a similar result almost simultaneously with Fournier. Falconi published at Venice in 1765 'Manifesto d'uno nuova impresa di stampare la musica, etc.'; and Paolucci's 'Arte pratica di contrapunto' (1765) was printed in the new characters.

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