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GALERATTI, Catterina, a contralto singer, who appeared in the early times of Italian Opera in London. In 1714 she made her début, Jan. 9, in the pasticcio 'Dorinda.' She sang also in 'Creso,' in a revival of 'Rinaldo,' and in 'Arminio,' and had a benefit, 'by command,' that year. In 1713, Mar. 16, she signed a petition (in the possession of the writer), together with Mrs. Barbier, Margherita de l'Épine, T. Robinson, and Valentino Urbani, for the better regulation of their benefits. Six years later, we find her again singing in 'Astarto,' 'Radamisto,' and 'Numitor.' In the next year, 1721, she took prominent parts in 'Muzio Scevola,' ' Arsinoe,' and 'L'Odio e L'Amore,' after which her name does not occur again.

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