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GALOP. A very spirited quick round dance in 2-crotchet time. The following bars from the opening of Schulhoff's Galop di bravura—now almost a classical composition—will give an idea of its rhythm:—

{ \time 2/4 \partial 8 \relative g'' { g8-> c->\fp[ e,-. f-. a-.] g[ c, d g,] e'[ c d g,] e'[ c fis d] g[ b, c e] d[ g, a d,] b'[ g a d,] g[ b d g] } }

Galops have one and sometimes two Trios, and are often written with an Introduction and Coda.

The dance is of German origin, and its old name was Hopser or Rutscher—describing the step. It appears to have received that of Galop on its introduction into France about the beginning of the century, where it soon took root.

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