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HOPKINSON. The greater part of the pianoforte making of this country has centred in London, and the firm of J. & J. Hopkinson—though founded and at first carried on exclusively at Leeds—cannot now be quoted as an exception. Mr. John Hopkinson established his workshops in Leeds in 1842 [App. p.679 "1835"], and removed them to London in 1846. The warerooms were at first in Soho Square, and were in 1856 removed to Regent Street, where the business is now carried on. [App. p.679 "add that in 1882 the business was removed to 95 New Bond Street."] Mr. Hopkinson patented a repetition action for a grand pianoforte in 1850, and in 1862 he further patented a 'harmonic pedal,' producing the octave harmonics from the strings by the contact, at the exact half of the vibrating length, of a very slender strip of felt governed by a special pedal. The firm gained high distinction at the Exhibitions of 1862 and 1878—at the latter the Great Gold Medal. Mr. John Hopkinson retired in 1869, leaving his brother, Mr. James Hopkinson, the first place in the business. [App. p.679 "add that Messrs. John and James Hopkinson, sons of the member of the firm last mentioned, are the present heads of the house."]

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