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KANDLER, Franz Sales, a musical historian, to whom we owe an admirable condensation of Baini's Palestrina; born Aug. 23, 1792, at Kloster-Neuburg in Lower Austria. He belonged to the War Office, and went as interpreter with the army to Venice and Naples in 1817 and 1821. He died of cholera at Baden (Beethoven's Baden) Sept. 26, 1831. His two works are 'Cenni storico-critici alia vita ed opere del … G. Ad. Hasse' (Venice, 1820; 2nd ed., Naples, 1820), and that above mentioned, 'Ueber das Leben und die Werke des … Palestrina,' etc. This was published after Kandler's death by Kiesewetter (Leipzig, B. & H. 1834).

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