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MOOREHEAD, John, was born in Ireland, where he received his first musical instruction. He came to England when young, and was for several years engaged in the orchestras of various country theatres. In 1798 he was engaged in the orchestra at Covent Garden, and soon after employed to compose for that theatre. During his engagement he composed music for 'The Volcano' and 'The Naval Pillar,' 1799; 'Harlequin's Tour' and 'The Dominion of Fancy' (both with Attwood), 1800; 'Il Bondocani' (with Attwood) and 'Perouse' (with Davy), 1801; 'Harlequin's Habeas,' 'The Cabinet' (with Braham, Davy, etc.), and 'Family Quarrels' (with Braham and Reeve), 1802. He died in 1804.

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