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1712133A Dictionary of Music and Musicians — MoraltJ. A. Fuller-Maitland

MORALT. Four brothers of great celebrity in Munich, celebrated for their rendering of Haydn's quartets.

The first, Joseph, born 1775, entered the court band in 1797, and became Kapellmeister in 1800, which post he held till his death in 1828.

The next brother, Johann Baptist, born 1777 [App. p.719 "Jan 10"], entered the same band in 1792, was the second violin in the quartet, and also composed two symphonies for orchestra, some 'Symphonic concertantes,' and 'Leçons méthodiques' for the violin, two string quartets, besides a MS. Mass, etc. He died in 1825.

Philipp, the violoncello of the quartet, born 1780, was in the band from 1795 to his death Mar. 18, 1847. He had a twin-brother, Jacques, who played in the orchestra, but not in the celebrated quartet.

Georg, the tenor-player, was born in 1781 and died 1818.

A Moralt, probably one of the same family, was well known in England in the early part of the present century. He was first-viola player at the Philharmonic till 1842, when his name disappears, possibly on account of his death, and is succeeded by that of Hill. He took a prominent part in the provincial festivals and music generally.