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PERCUSSION. The treatment of a large proportion of discords is divided into three stages—Preparation, Percussion, and Resolution. The Preparation is the sounding of a discordant note in a previous chord, Percussion is the actual sounding of the discord, and Resolution the particular mode of its release, or passage into concordance. In the following example, where E in the treble of the second chord is the discordant note, (a) is the preparation, (b) the percussion, and (c) the resolution. [See Preparation, and Resolution.]

{ \time 4/4 \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \relative e' << { r2 <e e'>^"(a)" <a e'>^"(b)" <b d>^"(c)" } \\ { s2 c, f g \bar "||" } >> }