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PIANETTE; a very low pianino, or upright pianoforte, introduced in 1857 by Bord, of Paris, the well-known maker. The low price and good quality of these instruments soon extended their sale to England, where they received the name 'pianette'—an impossibility in France, 'piano' being of the masculine gender. The French name, originating in Bord's establishment, is 'Bibi,' a workman's corruption of 'Bébé'—'the baby.' Pianettes have been made in London for some years by Broadwood, Cramer, and others. This year (1880) a new style in black cases has been named 'Zoulou' (Zulu), a name already generally accepted. Bord's spiral hopper-spring (ressort à boudin), used in pianettes, is a useful and very effective contrivance, economical of space.

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