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2246665A Dictionary of Music and Musicians — Quarenghi, GuglielmoGeorge Herbert (1850-1895)

QUARENGHI, Guglielmo, violoncellist, and professor of the cello at the Conservatorio of Milan, was born at Casalmaggiore Oct. 22, 1826. He studied under Vincenzo Merighi, who, as he says, 'gave a proof of his wisdom and skill in educating that piece of perfection (quella perfezione) called Alfredo Piatti.' Quarenghi has published numerous compositions for his instrument, but he will always be best known by his great 'Metodo di Violoncello' published at Milan in 1877, which is undoubtedly the most complete method extant. It was formally adopted by the Milan Conservatorio in 1875, after a commission of four professors (with Piatti) had reported on its merits. It is divided into five parts, of which the third is a short treatise on Harmony and Counterpoint, a branch of study which, in the words of the report, has been either omitted or imperfectly developed in the existing methods. It is much to be regretted that this admirable work has not been translated, as the writer feels assured that it only has to be known to be thoroughly appreciated by all professors of the violoncello.
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