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SALCIONAL or SALICET, a soft-toned organ-stop of a reedy quality. The pipes are of a very small scale, the tenor C being of about the same diameter as the middle C of an ordinary open diapason. The mouth is also much more 'cut up' than that of a diapason pipe. The origin of the word Salicet is plain; to this day country boys make toy wind-instruments out of 'withy'; but withy is also called 'sally,' and 'sally' is salix a willow. In some counties a willow is called (by combining both names) a 'sally-withy.' A Salicet is therefore a stop made to imitate a rustic 'willow-pipe.' The introduction of the Salcional or Salicet was later than that of the Dulciana (said to have been invented by Snetzler), and it must be considered merely as a variety of that stop. It is of 8 ft. or unison pitch.

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