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ABINADOM, A Nephite prophet and historian, who lived in the third century before Christ. He received the plates of Nephi from his father, Chemish, who was a descendant of Jacob, the brother of Nephi, and at his death, which occurred in the days of the first Mosiah, his son, Amaleki took charge of them. Either he or his son, conveyed the sacred records from the land of Nephi to Zarahemla, in the great migration of the Nephites under Mosiah, but the record does not show whether he died in the land of Nephi before this movement took place or after. His record is a very short one. From it we learn that he was a warrior, and had seen many wars between the Nephites and Lamanites, and that in those wars he, with his own sword, had taken the lives of many of the enemy in the defence of his brethren. These disastrous wars were undoubtedly one of the causes that led to the removal of the righteous portion of the Nephites from Nephi to Zarahemla. Abinadom concludes his brief record with the following statement: "And I know of no revelation, save that which has been written, neither prophecy; wherefore, that which is sufficient is written. And I make an end."