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ABISH. A Lamanite woman of the land of Ishmael, who was a servant-maid to the queen of King Lamoni, at the time that Ammon the son of Mosiah, carried the gospel to that people. (B. C. 91). Abish herself, had been converted to the Lord many years previously through a remarkable vision which had been granted to her father, but of this conversion she had never spoken. When Lamoni and all his court, including Ammon, were overcome by the power of God that they fell to the earth, Abish understood by what power they were affected. In the hope of convincing the people of the divinity of Ammon's message, she joyously ran from house to house and told all she met what had happened. While she was thus engaged a multitude gathered at the palace. They viewed with many conflicting emotions the monarch, his wife, and retainers all lying as if dead, with Ammon, the Nephite, also lying in their midst. A great dispute arose, some argued for good, some for evil, and the contention would doubtless have ended in bloodshed had not Abish returned. She was greatly grieved at the turn matters had taken. In the hope of raising the queen from the ground Abish took her by the hand. No sooner did she do so than the queen revived and arose. The latter uttered many expressions of love and gratitude to the Savior and pleaded for His mercy for her subjects. She next took her husband by the hand, when he arose also, and seeing the contention he rebuked the people and began to teach them the truths of the Gospel. Here commenced the great work of conversion among the Lamanites which eventually terminated in the salvation of many thousand souls. Abish is mentioned in the book of Mormon only in connection with this incident.