A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Coriantor

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CORIANTOR. The father of the Prophet Ether; he was the son of Moron, one of those unfortunate kings of the Jaredites, who was deposed through treason and rebellion, and held a prisoner the remainder of his life. Coriantor was born in captivity and remained so all his days. This period of Jaredite history is a particularly sad one; it is an epoch of sin and war. Many prophets appeared, who proclaimed that the Lord would execute judgment against the Jaredites to their utter destruction, and that He would bring forth another people to possess the land, as He had their fathers; but the people rejected all the words of these servants of God, “because of their secret societies and wicked abominations;” nevertheless, in that and the succeeding generation these prophecies were all fulfilled — the Jaredites were destroyed and the land was given to a branch of the house of Israel.