A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Moron

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MORON. One of the last and most wicked kings of the Jaredites; his father, Ethem, also ruled in unrighteousness. During this reign the Gadianton-like bands, which at that time flourished among the Jaredites, led a rebellion against the king and succeeded in wresting from him half the kingdom; but after many years Moron succeeded in reconquering his lost provinces. Soon after, a descendant of the brother of Jared, who is described as "a mighty man," headed another revolution against Moron, and was so successful that he took possession of the whole of the kingdom, and held Moron in captivity all the rest of his days. In captivity Moron begat Coriantor, who was the father of the prophet Ether. Moron, in all probability, lived in the seventh century B. C.