A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Gid (II)

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GID. A Nephite city, situated on the east borders by the seashore, that is, on the Atlantic coast; apparently not far from the cities of Mulek and Bountiful. In Amalickiah's great raid, in B. C. 67, through the eastern portions of the Nephite possessions, he captured, garrisoned, and fortified Gid. He also made it the depot for the detention of the Nephite prisoners of war. In B. C. 63, Moroni, by stratagem, placed arms in the hands of these prisoners, women and larger children, as well as men, and they, in connection with the Nephite forces without, overpowered the Lamanites, and took possession of the city. The Lamanite prisoners were used by Moroni in increasing the strength of the fortifications at Gid, which being done, they were removed, for like service, to the city of Bountiful. The only other time that Gid is mentioned is in connection with the missionary labors of Nephi and Lehi, the sons of Helaman. They first ministered in Bountiful, and from there proceeded to Gid, (B. C. 31).