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A Field Book of the Stars/Argo Navis

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ARGO NAVIS (ar'-go na'-vis)— THE SHIP ARGO. (Face South.)

Location.—Argo is situated southeast of Canis Major. If a line joining Betelgeuze and Sirius be prolonged 18 degrees southeast, it will point out Naos, a star of the second magnitude in the rowlock of the Ship. This star is in the southeast corner of the Egyptian "X."

The star (π) is of a deep yellow or orange hue. It has three little stars above it, two of which form a pretty pair.

The star (ζ) has a companion, which is a test for binoculars.

The star (κ) is a double for an binoculars.

Note the star clusters (46 M) and (38). There is a fiery fifth-magnitude star in the field at the same time.

The star Markeb forms a small triangle with two other stars near it.

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