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A Field Book of the Stars/Canes Venatici

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CANES VENATICI (kā'-nēz've-nat'-i-cī)—THE HUNTING DOGS. (Face Northwest.)

Location.—Cor Caroli, the bright star in this constellation, when on the meridian is about 17 degrees south of Alioth in Ursa Major. A line drawn from Benetnasch, in the tail of the Great Bear, through Berenice's Hair, to Denebola in Leo, passes through it.

The dogs, Asterion and Chara, are represented as being held in leash by Boötes, the herdsman, in his pursuit of the Great Bear.

Cor Caroli is in the southern hound, Chara, and represents the heart of Charles II of England.

A glance at the diagram of Boötes indicates clearly the position of this constellation.

The so-called "Diamond of Virgo," is clearly shown on this plate. It is composed of the stars Cor Caroli, Denebola, Spica, and Arcturus.

The star La Superba 7 degrees north of Cor Caroli, is especially noteworthy because of the flashing brilliancy of its prismatic rays.

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