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A Field Book of the Stars/Crater

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CRATER (kra'-ter)—THE CUP. (Face South.)

Location—Crater is situated 15 degrees west of Corvus, and due south of (θ) Leonis. It is easily distinguished by reason of a beautiful and very striking semicircle of six stars of the fourth magnitude, forming the bowl of the cup.

The constellation resembles a goblet with its base resting on the coils of Hydra.

The star Alkes is common to Hydra and Crater, and may be seen 24 degrees southeast of Alphard in the heart of Hydra.

It is distinguished by its forming an equilateral triangle with (α) and (γ), stars of the same magnitude 6 degrees south and east of it.

Corvus and Crater are to be seen half way up the southern sky during the early evenings in spring.

(δ) is now the lucida.

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