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A Field Book of the Stars/Triangula

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TRIANGULA (trī-an'-gu-lā)— THE TRIANGLES. (Face East.)

Location.—A line drawn from the star Algenib in Pegasus to Algol in Perseus passes through (β) Triangulæ.

The triangle is clearly defined and a beautiful figure. It lies just below Andromeda, and above Aries.

Triangula is a very ancient constellation, being formerly named Deltoton, from the Greek letter Delta (Δ).

The stars (δ), (γ), and a third star near them form a very pretty triangle.

This constellation is called both Triangulum (The Triangle) and Triangula (The Triangles). The latter name seems to be favored by many of the modern astronomers, although but one triangle composes the constellation.

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