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A Field Book of the Stars/Ursa Minor

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URSA MINOR (er'-sa mi'-nor)— THE LITTLE BEAR. (Face North.)

Location.—The two pointer stars in Ursa Major indicate the position of Polaris, the North Star, which represents the tip of the tail of the Little Bear, and the end of the handle of the "Little Dipper." In all ages of the world, Ursa Minor has been more universally observed and more carefully noticed than any other constellation, on account of the importance of the North Star.

Polaris is a little more than one and one half degrees from the true pole. Its light takes fifty years to reach us, A line joining (β) Cassiopeiæ, and Megres, in Ursa Major, will pass through Polaris.

Kochab, one of the guardian stars, is about 25 degrees distant from Benetnasch in Ursa Major, and about 24 degrees from Dubhe, in Ursa Major.

Note a pair of faint stars nearly north of Kochab.
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