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DENSTEN. (Lieut., 1812. f-p., 26; h-p., 18.)

Thomas Densten entered the Navy, 20 Sept. 1803, as A.B., on board the Plover 18, Capts. Rich. Turner Hancock and Philip Browne, stationed in the Channel; where, in Nov. following, he attained the rating of Master’s Mate. In Jan. 1807 he removed to the Fortunée 36, Capt. Henry Vansittart, off the coast of Ireland; and on next joining the Neptune 98, flag-ship of the Hon. Sir Alex. Cochrane, he assisted at the reduction of Guadeloupe in Feb. 1810. He soon afterwards removed to the Julia 16, Hon. Capt. Gardner, of which sloop he was confirmed a Lieutenant 15 June, 1812. Being appointed, 19 Oct. following, to the Sparrow 16, Capts. Joseph Needham Taylor, Fras. Erskine Loch, and Robt. Walker, he next, in May and Aug. 1813, co-operated in the arduous defence of Castro, and served in a battery at the siege of St. Sebastian. Invaliding home in Nov. 1814, Lieut. Densten remained on half-pay until 18 Oct. 1825; from which period, however, until 1835, we find him employed in the Coast Guard. While next officiating, between 1841 and 1843, as Agent for Transports afloat, he beheld the various attacks on Chapoo, Woosung, Chin-Kiang-Foo, and Nanking. He has filled the post, since 12 Feb. 1844, of Admiralty Agent in a contract mail steam-vessel.