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DREW. (Commander, 1843. f-p., 32; h-p., 12.)

George Drew is elder brother of Lieut. Fred. Drew, R.N.

This officer entered the Navy, 30 .July, 1803, as Ordinary, on board the Hecate, Lieut.-Commander Parsons; and from the following November, until Sept. 1810, served under the late Lord Torrington, as Midshipman of the Texel 64, Malabar 50, and Belliqueux 64. In the latter ship he assisted at the reduction of the Cape of Good Hope in Jan. 1806, and was present at the capture and destruction, 27 Nov. following, of a Dutch frigate, seven brigs of war, and about 20 armed and other merchant-vessels, in Batavia Roads. On leaving the Belliqueux, Mr. Drew became successively Master’s Mate and Acting-Lieutenant of the Russel 74, flag-ship of Vice-Admiral Wm. O’Brien Drury, the Caroline 36, Capt. Christopher Cole, and the Procris 18; in one ot which two last-mentioned vessels he served at the reduction of Java, in Aug. 1811. He invalided home towards the close of the same year; and, being officially promoted, 8 May, 1812, was afterwards appointed – 30 Jan. 1813, and 18 Oct. 1814, to the Royal Sovereign 100, and Centaur 74, both commanded by Capt. Thos. Gordon Caulfeild, with whom he served on the Mediterranean and Cape of Good Hope stations, until May, 1816 – 1 April, 1822, to the Ordinary at Sheerness – 5 March, 1825, to the Coast Blockade, in which he officiated for six years as Supernumerary-Lieutenant of the Hyperion, Ramillies, and Talavera, Capts. Wm. Jas. Mingaye and Hugh Pigot – 15 April, 1831, to the Coast Guard – and 24 Feb. 1838, to the command of the Harpy Revenue-cruizer. He was promoted from the latter vessel to the rank he now holds 11 Jan. 1843; but has not since been officially afloat.

Commander Drew is at present employed as Superintendent of Convicts at Van Diemen’s Land.