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FREESTUN. (Lieut., 1812. f-p., 11; h-p., 33.)

Humphrey May Freestun entered the Navy, in June, 1803, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Maria, Lieut.-Commander Joseph Whitby, on the Irish station; and (with the intervention of a few months in 1809-10, when he appears to have acted as Lieutenant of the Lyra 10, and Armide 38, Capts. Robt. Southey, Robt. Bloye, and Lucius Ferdinand Hardyman) served as Midshipman, from May, 1804, to Sept. 1810, In the Révolutionnaire 38, and Defiance 74, both commanded by Hon. Henry Hotham. During that period he shared, in the Révolutionnaire, in Sir Rich. Strachan’s action 4 Nov. 1805; was on board the Defiance when that ship, besides being much cut up in her masts and rigging, sustained a loss of 2 men killed and 25 wounded, at the destruction of three French frigates under the batteries of Sable d’Olonne, 24 Feb. 1809; and assisted, in the Lyra, at the destruction of an armed vessel and convoy under the batteries of Quiberon. While subsequently attached to the Scipion 74, flag-ship of Hon. Robt. Stopford, Mr. Freestun served on shore at the storming of Fort Cornelia and the reduction of Java in Aug. 1811. He then became Acting-Lieutenant of the Harpy 18, Capts. Henderson Bain and Sam. Hore; and from that vessel, to which he was confirmed 2 Jan. 1812, he subsequently removed to the Lion 64, flag-ship at the Cape of Rear-Admirals Hon. R. Stopford and Chas. Tyler. Invaliding home in June, 1813, he was next appointed, 15 April, 1815, to the Dee 24, Capt. John Wm. Andrew, with whom he made a voyage to Hudson’s Bay. Lieut. Freestun has been on half-pay since 28 Feb. 1816. Agents – Messrs. Halford and Co.