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KEPPEL. (Captain, 1837. f-p., 18; h-p., 7.)

The Honourable Henry Keppel, born 14 June, 1809, is fourth son of the Earl of Albemarle, by Hon. Elizabeth Southwell, fourth daughter of Edward Lord de Clifford.

This officer entered the Navy 7 Feb. 1822; passed his examination in 1828; obtained his first commission 29 Jan. 1829; joined, 11 Feb. 1830, and 20 July, 1831, the Galatea 42, Capt. Chas. Napier, and Magicienne 24, Capt. Jas. Hanway Plumridge – the latter on the East India station; was promoted to the rank of Commander 30 Jan. 1833; served from 16 May, 1834, until the spring of 1838, in the Childers 16, in the Mediterranean and at the Cape of Good Hope; attained his present rank 5 Dec. 1837; and, from 30 Aug. 1841 until his return to England in 1845, commanded the Dido 18. He served, in the latter vessel, at the capture of Woosung and Shanghae, and in the operations on the Yang-tse-Kiang, in 1842;[1] and in Aug. 1844, with only the Dido and Hon.E.I.Co.’s steamer Phlegethon under his orders, he attacked a large piratical settlement on the island of Borneo; where, while the loss of the British amounted to 32 men killed and 30 wounded, the enemy had five of their towns destroyed, 250 men killed, some thousands of houses and 200 or 300 proas of various descriptions burnt, and 70 brass guns and 13 flags taken. Since he was paid off Capt. Keppel has been unemployed. He married, 25 Feb. 1839, Katherine Louisa, daughter of the late General Sir John Crosbie, G.C.H., of Watergate, co. Sussex. Agent – Joseph Woodhead.

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