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KEY. (Commander, 1845. f-p., 13; h-p., 1.)

Astley Cooper Key entered the Navy 2 Aug. 1833; passed his examination 19 Aug. 1840; and after an intermediate servitude as Mate in the Excellent gunnery-ship at Portsmouth, Capt. Sir Thos. Hastings, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant 22 Dec. 1842. His succeeding appointments were, 28 Feb. 1843 and 9 Feb. 1844, to the Curaçoa 24, Capt. Sir Thos. Sabine Pasley, and Gorgon steam-sloop, Capt. Chas. Hotham, both on the South American station. On 20 Nov. 1845 it was his lot to command the Fanny tender, and to be slightly wounded, during the battle of the Parana; on which occasion the combined squadrons of England and France effected the destruction, after a hard day’s fighting, of four heavy batteries belonging to General Rosas at Punta Obligado, also of a schooner-of-war mounting 6 guns, and of 24 vessels chained across the river.[1] He was in consequence promoted to his present rank by commission dated 18 Nov. 1845;[2] and since 3 May, 1847, has been in command of the Bulldog steam-sloop, of 500 horse-power, on the coast of Portugal.

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