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LOCK. (Commander, 1828. f-p., 10; h-p., 31.)

Campbell Lock is son, we understand, of the late Vice-Admiral Walter Lock (who served as Lieutenant of the Queen Charlotte in Lord Howe’s action, commanded the Charon hospital-ship in the affair off Ile de Groix, and was for some time Agent for Prisoners of War), by a sister of Capt. Michael Head, R.N. His brother James, a Lieutenant in the R.N., fell a victim to the climate of the West Indies in 1808.

This officer entered the Navy, 11 Nov. 1806, as Third-cl. Boy, on board the Puissant 74, Capt. John Irwin, lying at Spithead; and from 14 Dec. 1808 until 19 Jan. 1811 served as Midshipman and Master’s Mate in the Arethusa 38, Capt. Robt. Mends; under whom he witnessed the capture, 6 April, 1809, of the French 40-gun frigate Le Niemen, and actively co-operated with the patriots on the north coast of Spain, where, with the exception of Castro, he assisted at the destruction, during the summer of 1811, of all the batteries from St. Sebastian to St. Andero, upon which were found altogether about 100 pieces of cannon. On leaving the Arethusa we find him successively joining, on the Home and North American stations, the Pompée 74, Capt. Sir Jas. Athol Wood, Spartan 38, Capt. Edw. Pelham Brenton, and Plantagenet 74, Capt. Robt. Lloyd. He was confirmed a Lieutenant, 30 May, 1814, in the Morgiana sloop, Capts. David Scott and Vincent Newton, stationed, until July, 1815, at Halifax and Bermuda; and he was lastly, from 1 Feb. 1827, until promoted to the rank of Commander 17 July, 1828, employed in the Victory 104, guard-ship at Portsmouth, Capt. Hon. Geo. Elliot.

Commander Lock is married, and has issue. Agent – J . Hinxman.