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1840761A Naval Biographical Dictionary — Moore, Thomas Edward LawsWilliam Richard O'Byrne

MOORE. (Lieutenant, 1843.)

Thomas Edward Laws Moore entered the Navy 19 Oct. 1832; passed his examination 15 Feb. 1839; and, from that year until his return to England in 1843, was employed on board the Terror, Capt. Fras. Rawdon Moira Crozier, part of an expedition sent under the orders of Capt. Jas. Clarke Ross to the Antarctic Ocean for the purposes of magnetic research and geographical discovery. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by commission dated 4 Oct, 1843; and was subsequently appointed – 11 Nov. 1843, to the Caledonia 120, flag-ship at Devonport of Sir Alex. Milne – 4 Sept. 1844, as Additional, to the Winchester 50, bearing the flag of Hon. Josceline Percy at the Cape of Good Hope, whence he came home at the close of 1845 – and, 20 May, 1846, in a similar capacity, to the William and Mary yacht, Capt. Houston Stewart, on the books of which vessel his name continued to be borne until the ensuing Dec. Since 17 Nov. 1847 he has been in command of the Plover, a vessel now engaged in search of the Polar expedition under Sir John Franklin.