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NAPIER. (Lieutenant, 1842. f-p., 15; h-p., 1.)

Gerard John Napier was born 2 Nov. 1818. This officer entered the Navy in Sept. 1831; served two years at the Royal Naval College, and nearly five in the West Indies on board the Racer 16, Capt. Jas. Hope; passed his examination 3 Oct. 1838; and, between that period and the date of his promotion, 28 Jan. 1842, was employed at Home and in the Mediterranean in the Excellent gunnery-ship, Capt. Sir Thos. Hastings, Vanguard 80, Capt. Sir David Dunn, Britannia 120, flag-ship of Sir John Acworth Ommanney, Powerful 84, Capt. Geo. Mansel, and Lightning steamer, Master-Commander Geo. Henry Karr Bowen. His appointments have since been – 27 Aug. 1842, to the Orestes 18, Capt. Edw. St. Leger Cannon, again in the Mediterranean – 10 Nov. 1846 (soon after the latter vessel had been paid off), as Additional-Lieutenant, to the President 50, flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Jas. Rich. Dacres at the Cape of Good Hope – and, 26 April, 1847, as Senior, to the Rosamond steam-sloop, of 287-horse power, Capt. John Poote, on the same station, where he is now serving. Agents – Messrs. Halford and Co.