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OMMANNEY. (Captain, 1846.)

Erasmus Ommanney is son of the late Sir Fras. Molyneux Ommanney, Kt., M.P. for Barnstaple, the well-known Navy Agent; and nephew of Vice-Admiral Sir John Acworth Ommanney, K.C.B.

This officer entered the Navy 15 July, 1826; passed his examination in 1833; and obtained his first commission 10 Dec. 1835. His succeeding appointments were – 28 Dec. 1835, to the Cove, Capt. Jas. Clark Ross, employed on particular service – 7 Oct. 1836, to the Pique 36, Capt. Henry John Rous, attached to the force off Lisbon – and, 18 Oct. 1837, to the Donegal 78, as Flag-Lieutenant to his uncle Sir J. A. Ommanney, on the station last named, where he continued during a further period of three years. He was advanced to the rank of Commander 9 Oct. 1840; and from 28 Aug. 1841 until paid off at the close of 1844, was employed in that capacity in the Mediterranean on board the Vesuvius steam-sloop. He has since been on half-pay. His promotion to the rank he now holds took place 9 Nov. 1846.

Capt. Ommanney married, 27 Feb. 1844, Amelia Mary, eldest daughter of Sam. Smith, Esq., of H.M. Dockyard, Malta. Agents – Messrs. Ommanney.